• The electronic stop-lists

    iikoCheckList lets you create electronic stop-lists that everyone has access to.

  • Setting objectives

    Managers in real time can assign tasks to employees, and they can also make reminders for themselves.

  • Completing the tasks

    Each employee has a personal page, were he can view n\his tasks. After finishing them, he puts a mark in the system. The manager can keep track of which tasks have already been completed by specific employees, and which have not.

  • Staff efficiency

    Based on the completed tasks a report is made on the effectiveness of staff. To be the best amongst others – this is best motivation for an employee.

Routine and control

What is a Check-list?

Check-lists are divided into two main groups:

Routine check-list

Routine check-list - a list of regular, small but very important actions that need to be done by all employees of the restaurant. The main purpose of following the check-lists is not to forget anything. The restaurant business is a business in which details are very important. Our system makes these details obvious.

Controlling check-lists

Controlling check-lists are check-lists which are used to check if any staff members, processes, facilities comply with the standards of the restaurant. This may be to check the sanitary and overall condition of the restaurant, the waiters knowledge of the menu or restaurant standards. Based on the results of such checks, restaurants graded their employees, this grade greatly affects the employees' salary.

What are the features of the iikoCheckList?

Check-lists are on an electronic carrier

Setting goals in real time

One click to show that you have done the job

Quick overview of all the tasks

Built-in analytics

Control of any process

Analysis of the efficiency of employees

Wages based on performance


Routine check-lists

The “Opening of the restaurant” check-list

The work of any restaurant, cafe or pizzeria begins with the “Opening” check-list. Everything must be washed, wiped off and in order - what could be a better start of the day?

“Opening of the kitchen, bar or any other department” check-list

Rarely a kitchen shift starts off without the chefs searching for products that were not ordered in time, dissatisfaction with the shift that worked yesterday and did not make all the preparations that were required, cleaning up after yesterday and trying to find a replacement for the employee who didn’t show up.

The “Closing of the restaurant” check-list

In the evening, nighttime or even early in the morning, when the staff is exhausted and barely standing on its feet it is very easy to miss a small task.

“During the shift” check-list

During the day, the waiters and bartenders need to polish the cutlery and stemware, carry dishes from the washers to the kitchen, meet guests and keep track of the stop list.

Daily check-list for administrators

During the day, the administrator needs to do a lot of things on time. Turn on the signboard, call suppliers, check tomorrows schedule, manage documents, monitor the implementation of standards and so on. This check-list will help not to forget anything.

The “Sanitary day” check-list

Sanitary day is the most important day in the life of a restaurant. If you want your restaurant to be systematically clean, you need to scrub all of its corners, not forgetting anything. This check-list will be very helpful.

The “Monitoring of IT systems” check-list

Some restaurants are packed with modern technologies. Surveillance, cash desks, iiko, website, mobile applications, on-line booking system, alarms and so on. There is a lot to remember, so everything is brought into a separate IT check-list.

Controlling check-lists

Check-list for administrative examination of the restaurant

Administrative examination is a check to make sure that the restaurant meets the compliance status of the restaurant network standards. Everything is checked - from the appearance of the waiters, to the correct table layout. Evaluation strongly affects the salary of restaurant managers.

Restaurant sanity check-list

This check sheet will help you play the role on a sanitary inspector and check if the sanitary requirements are meet.

“Guest Services control” Check-list

Guest Services - is a process that consists of many steps. Greeting the guest, showing him his seat, giving menus, offering a drink and so on. This check-list helps the administrator supervise the work of waiters.

“Ready or not” Check-list shows the readiness of a restaurant for a check from government inspections

We operate on the territory of the Russian Federation and must comply with its laws. We need to keep necessary documents in the proper places, and get rid of any unnecessary ones. Keep in mind the sanitary papers of the staff, employment contracts and so on.

The “Maintenance check” check-list

Tables, faucets, sockets, ventilation and air conditioning systems all create a certain atmosphere, which should go on through the day non-stop. To archive this you must regularly go over this check-list.

The “Energy Conservation” check-list

If you have a stove with 4 hotplates, then your electrical bill is probably over 20 thousand rubles per month. This can be reduced by 4 times. All of your other energy costs by half, just regularly go through this check-list.

The “Secret guest” check-list

Each restaurant works for its guests. So, basically speaking, your guests grade you management. While visiting a restaurant a “secret guest” uses a check-list to see if everything is in order toilets, service, food, music, ect. Find all this and much more the “secret guest” checklist.

Introduction steps




Studying the processes of a restaurant and making a plan.




Setting up the program.




Starting up the system and training your employees under our supervision.




Going over everything once more, getting rid of anything unnecessary. Do this step if required.

Trial period



Collecting information and analyzing the data.




The restaurant owner has total control over all processes.

Your benefits:

You can see all processes at once.

The program is integrated with the automation system of the restaurant and is designed to make all processes obvious.

The restaurateur gets full access to the automated check-list system. The system is configured to the individual needs of any restaurant. We can even write in a reminder for you pay your bills when they are due.

Greatly simplifies the formulation of any task and immediately gets the information out to the staff. The restaurateur can analyze the work that has been and depending on the results the program can help create a bonus/penalty system for the staff.

Can be implemented into any area of the restaurant, increases the discipline of waiters, cooks and managers.

Administrators will be able to devote more time to things which they did not have time for earlier.

Waiters, bartenders, cooks and cleaning staff

Instantly receive new tasks or follow a pre-written list of elementary operations. All completed tasks are evaluated on a 5-point scale by the administrator.


Spend less time orally explaining the tasks that need to be done. Control how well the task is being done and evaluate the performance of the staff. Based on the evaluations, managers see who works good and who doesn’t. According to our observations, waiters who have good scores with the check-lists have a higher average bill.

Managing Director

iikoCheckList lets you receives data from all divisions of the restaurant in real time. Even restaurants, if you have more than one. It’s nice to see on a laptop screen that the “Opening check-lists” are being closed one by one and the restaurants are ready for business. If somewhere someone has not done something, and orders have already been taken (you can see this through iikoMonitoring) you can call and show that the manager sees everything.

The Result

Medicine for "headaches" for managers of any level

You will know how employees perform their tasks

A constant reminder for the employees not to forgotten anything

Will suggest a solution by itself

All processes will be reduced to a single standard

The cost

IOS mobile app*

15 $ per month

- IikoInspector – automation of “Controlling checklists” -

* The product is under development

  • Secret guest

  • Network sanitary doctor

  • Local managers

  • Internal inspectors

  • .

iPad app

15 $ per month

- IikoChecklist - automation of “Routine” check-lists -

  • Waiters

  • Bartenders

  • Cooks

  • Administrators

  • Managers

Browser version*

100$ per month

- ARM control network -

* The product is under development

  • .

  • Network training manager

  • HR Director

  • Restaurant network manager

  • .


The Interface

Mobile app

Staff points

Creating tasks

Tasks for employees

Tasks for employees

Tasks for employees

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